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If you have questions concerning these consignments, please contact us at the above phone numbers, or click on the mail box to send us your e-mail inquiries or comments on our site. Please advise your contact information, including the phone numbers where you can be reached to have your inquiries promptly answered.


Special Cow Sale, Wednesday, April 27th at 11:00 AM
Regular Sale, Friday, April 29th at 10:00 AM
Regular Sale, Friday, May 6th at 10:00 AM


We will also be selling cow/calf pairs and bred cows when available on our regular Friday auctions, starting at 11:30 AM on the pairs.
If you have pairs and bred cows to sell, please call us so we may advertise them in advance.

Local Auction Markets Still the Most Secure Way to Sell Livestock
Important New Trichomoniasis Regulations: Effective October 4, 2013

Every Friday is a Special Sale at Manhattan Commission Company!
Offering several consignments of reputation calves to meet the demands of our regular buyers
who are here every week, as well as new buyers.

Important information regarding the mandated COOL affidavits. We must have this documentation on file for livestock producers beginning September 30, 2008. It is available for download. 
Just click on the links below, print the affidavit form, fill out as requested, and mail to Manhattan Commission Co., 8424 East Highway 24, Manhattan, KS, 66502;
or simply bring the completed form in when you sell your cattle.
COOL letter of explanation           Cool Affidavit         Adobe Reader is required (or a suitable .pdf file reader)
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Due to the increasing numbers of online bidders and Buyer # requests, please register and sign-up early to guarantee that your online seat is saved and your buyer number has been processed. Manhattan Commission Company makes no guarantees that a user will be assigned a buyer number the day of the sale.


Early Consignments: Special Stock Cow Sale
Wednesday, April 27th at 11:00AM
Last updated Wednesday April 27, 2016 06:26:14 PM

25 mostly blk Angus, few Red Angus 1st calf hfrs with calves by side. Cows & calves current on all shots, wormed, ready for turn out.

First-Calf Heifer Pairs
100 blk 1st calf hfrs w/3 week to 90 day Rinkes Angus bulls sired calves by side
25 homeraised OCV Angus 1st calf hfrs w/30-45 day old Angus sired calves by side. Hfrs & calves all worked
25 blk cows, 4-6 yrs old w/Simm/Angus sired calves by side
25 blk & xbred cows, 5-7 yrs old, bred to Simm/Angus bulls for Sept.-Oct. calves
24 blk, 3 rwf cross & 3 bwf cross 1st calf hfrs w/AI sired Comrade & Rito 6EM3 March & April calves by side
20 blk & bwf 1st calf hfrs with Feb. & early March Angus calves by side
20 homeraised Simm/Angus 1st calf hfrs w/30-60 day Angus sired calves by side, hfrs & calves all worked
15 Choice Angus 1st calf hfrs w/30 day old Circle S Stucky Angus sired calves by side, ready for grass
12 blk & bwf 1st & 2nd calf hfrs with 30 day calves by side
10 Simm Angus 1st calf (OCV) hfrs with 60 day Angus sired calves by side, hfrs & calves all worked
10 blk & bwf 1st calf hfrs w/30-45 day calves by side
7 Registered Angus cows 4-6 yrs old, w/calves by side, worked & grass ready
4 choice blk 1st calf hfrs w/Angus sired calves by side
2 blk cows, 5-6 yrs old w/big calves by side
Breeding Bulls to start selling at 11 AM
6 Gelv Red Angus cross Balancer bulls, 4 red, 2 blk, 16 mo. old
6 homeraised purebred Angus hfr bulls, 14 mo., sired by Molitor Hoover, Bismark and Conneally Union
3 homeraised Angus commercial In Focus grandsons bulls, 20 mo.
3 purebred Angus bulls, 18 mo., 2 sired by Fame
2 purebred Angus bull, 19 months (1) 3/8 Simm, 5/8 Angus bull, 15 mo.
1 Purebred Polled Red Gelv. bull, 15 mo.
1 Registered Angus hfr bull, 2 yrs, sired by Conneally Thunder
9 Char cows, 5-8 yrs with Char Angus cross calves, cows & calves Fink Genetics
8 blk cows, 5 yrs, with blk baby to 2 mo. calves by side
1 Red Angus cross cow, 7 yrs old with calve by side
Fall Calving Bred Cows, Pairs & Heifers
130 blk fall calving cows, 4-SS, bred to Judd Ranch Balancer & Simm-Angus bulls
80 gentle blk, bwf fall calving, OCV, cows, 5-7 yrs to start calving Aug. 1
35 blk fall calving cows, 4-7 yrs, bred to Angus bulls for Aug.-Sept. calves
30 Fancy OCV Angus fall bred 2 yr hfrs (Rinkes, Dalebanks & Hinkson genetics) synchronized AI bred Mohnen LBW Angus bull, cleaned up Rinkes Angus bull for Sept-Oct. calves (pelvic measured, BVD P-I negative)
18 blk cows, 6-8 yrs with fancy Laflin bloodline March calves by side, cows & calves all worked
15 homeraised Angus cows, 4-6 yrs old, bred to Judd Ranch Balancer bull for Sept. 15-Nov. 15 calves
15 Registered Angus fall calving 2nd calf hfrs, all Gardiner breeding, bred to Gardiner Sure Fire son for Sept-Oct. calves
14 Red Angus & red baldy OCV fall calving cows, 4-6 yrs old bred to Char bulls for Oct-Nov calves, wormed & poured
14 blk cows, 3 yrs old, w/calves by side
14 blk fall calving cows, 4-7 yrs, bred Gelv or Angus bulls
13 bwf cows, 6-7 yrs old w/Feb-March calves by side
12 Hereford cows, 6-7 yrs old w/Feb.-March calves by side
8 bwf & Angus fall calving cows, 7 yrs & older, bred Cow Camp Simm Angus bulls to start calving Sept. 1 for 45-day calving period
5 blk spring calving cows, 4-7, bred Gelv or Angus
5 blk cows, 3 yrs old, bred blk to calve in Sept-Oct.
5 Char Angus fall bred Fink Genetics hfrs bred to Fink Angus bull, all shots, ready for grass
2 Hereford fall calving 1st calf hfrs, bred Angus
2 blk spring calving 1st calf hfrs, bred Angus
2 Angus 1st calf hfrs, 2 yrs, bred Angus, heavy springers
2 Holstein spring hfrs, bred to a blk bull to calve in the next 30-45 days
1 Registered Gelv cow, 10 yrs, with registered Balancer 1 week bull calf by side

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Early Consignments: Regular Sale
Friday, April 29th at 10:00AM
Last updated Wednesday April 27, 2016 06:26:14 PM

112 Angus strs & hfrs, bunk broke, weaned 2 weeks, 1 complete rd. shots, 450-550 lbs.
65 blk steers, 800-850 lbs.
60 Choice Reputation Angus strs & hfrs, complete rd. pre-wean shots, 400-600 lbs.
50 blk strs and hfrs, weaned 40 days, 2nd round of shots, no implants, 500-600 lbs.
45 blk strs, weaned 3 wks., 2 rds. shots, electric fence & bunk broke, 475-650 lbs.
35 blk strs, weaned 40 days, shots, poured, 575-600 lbs.
23 blk strs & hfrs, weaned 2 weeks, 2 rds. shots, 500-700 lbs.
18 blk steers and heifers, weaned 3 weeks, all shots, 400-500 lbs.
16 blk/bwf strs and hfrs, weaned 30 days, shots, 400-500 lbs.
15 Angus strs and hfrs, weaned 60 days, 2nd round shots, 450-550 lbs.
15 blk strs and hfrs, weaned 30+ days, 450-550 lbs.

12 blk Simm/Angus cross strs & hfrs, poured, weaned 25 days, 2 complete rd. shots, 400-500 lbs.
8 Simm/Angus strs and hfrs, weaned 45 days, 2nd round shots, 500-550 lbs.

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Early Consignments: Regular Sale
Friday, May 6th at 10:00AM
Last updated Wednesday April 27, 2016 06:26:14 PM

Complete dispersal of 170 Angus & few BWF fall calving cows consisting of:
120 (4 yr olds) coming with 3rd calf, balance (4-7 yrs) all are bred to Fink Char & Ascherman Char bulls for Sept-Oct. calves
5 Fink & Ascherman breeding Char bulls (30 mo.), Trich. & semen tested

Complete dispersal of 70 big blk fall calving cows, 7-8 yrs old, bred to Angus & Simm/Angus bulls. Due to start calving Aug. 1 for 85-day calving period

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